Studio Model Days are a set day when a model is in a studio and photographers can book them for a photoshoot using the studio equipment for a period of time usually at least one hour.

This is obviously a convenient way for a photographer to build up a portfolio or practice their skills in a studio setting.

A lot of studios will offer these days and there will be a range of models to work with having different skills and looks depending on what the photographer wishes to shoot. Most models can do their own makeup, hair, and styling, but where possible it is advisable to see if a professional makeup service is available with an experienced makeup artist and this would normally be with an extra charge.

It is also advisable to also try and see the models portfolio online to gauge what looks they can provide, some models are capable of many different looks and with the use of wigs and makeup can be very chameleon-like. But for instance, if you are looking for a fashion model you would not book a model whose main look is glamour, they will be far too curvy for fashion and will feel uncomfortable resorting to glamour poses rather than a fashion look.

Depending on your level of experience as a photographer it would also be advisable to see what support is offered to you on the model day as some studios will set up equipment for you and give you a quick run-through of how things work, while others leave you to it.

Even as an experienced studio user I have found in such situations in a new studio I have often wasted a good 20 mins of studio time working out how equipment works.

Therefore I would recommend ensuring at least basic help is available as this will save you much time and remove potential frustration when something doesn’t as you think it should.  I would also recommend communication with the model ahead of the shoot, advising them on what you are looking for by way of styles, wardrobe, etc. Likewise, it is well to check with the studio, if you have a particular look in mind, to ensure they are able to accommodate this. Also for instance, if you are looking to do a photoshoot that will result in the model’s hair getting messed up such as a wet look, you would be better to see if the last time slot of the day would be more preferable, as opposed to earlier in the day when the model will have to get their hair looking good for other shoots. The main advantage of Studio Model Days is that they are one to one sessions with the model this means that the photographer can be fully in control of the photoshoot and get the images that they want, rather than sharing the studio time within a group shoot with other photographers, thereby eradicating all the issues this normally creates. The other big advantage with this type of day is that the photographer is working with an experienced model who is able to quickly move between poses keeping the momentum of the shoot going often creating poses that the photographer may not have thought of themselves.

This is definitely something I recommend as long as you can find the right studio with a model day suitable for the looks that you want to produce. 

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