Venera Tabakin was born in Uzbekistan and in 2002 has moved to London. Has graduated from the London College of Fashion with an ABC Diploma in Pattern Design and I do live between London and Phuket.

Ms Tabakin is well recognized on Phuket Thailand for the flair and modern designs has run her Sashiko clothes label on Phuket since 2007 through her Mona Shop near Surin Beach and various other stores that stock the designs. She has moved back to London and continued to produce unique dresses.

Originally from Uzbekistan, Ms Tabakin moved to Russia to study at a top fashion college, spent time as a dressmaker in Turkey, and, finally, moved to London College of Fashion.

She now brings her signature style to Phuket, an island full of beautiful women and where there are fashion shows–particularly to raise funds for charity–are common. 5 fashion catwalk in Phuket. 1 Fashion show in London.

She says to be a good designer you need to be able to draw patterns, cut fabric accurately, and understand the process of dressmaking. “When I see the fabric, I see in my mind the dress that will match that type of fabric. And when I see a woman, I imagine which style of dress is going to match her look and her figure. Ms Tabakin’s designs are unique.

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