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What is a studio day?

Studio Model Days are a set day when a model is in a studio and photographers can book them for a photoshoot using the studio equipment for a period of time usually at least one hour. This is obviously a convenient way for a photographer to build up a portfolio or practice their skills in a studio setting. A lot…

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Venera Tabakin – Designer

Venera Tabakin was born in Uzbekistan and in 2002 has moved to London. Has graduated from the London College of Fashion with an ABC Diploma in Pattern Design and I do live between London and Phuket. Ms Tabakin is well recognized on Phuket Thailand for the flair and modern designs has run her Sashiko clothes label on Phuket since…

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What It’s Truly Like to Be a Fashion Model

For decades, modeling was a silent profession, where women were supposed to be seen and never heard. “Now models have social media platforms, so even if they’re not incredibly well known, they can still have a relatively big following and articulate their views in a way they weren’t able to do before,” said Francesca Granata, director of the master’s program…

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